EN; 3rd Edition , including all country deviations; EN, safety of laser equipment. A compact, two-drive library, the Scalar 24 combines enterprise-class features and performance with entry-level affordability and ease of use. Preparing The Host Computer System Features and Benefits Industry-leading value – enterprise-class data protection at entry-level pricing High performance – supports next-generation super drives Ease of use – intuitive, user-friendly interface for system setup, control, and monitoring; integrated bar code reader Compact size – space-efficient unit packs up to 6. Autoclean Partitioned Library

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Connecting More Than One Scalar 24 En Compliance czech Republic Only Native Fibre Connections Contacting Customer Assistance Installing An Additional Drive Drive Status Icons Import Sdlt Cleaning Cartridge Operation And Maintenance Configure Net Device Set Library Scsi Id Don’t have an account? Inserting Tape Cartridges Pick From Drive Library Data Transfer Adic scalar 24 How Do I Upgrade Firmware Media Interchange Shelf mailbox Adic scalar 24 Storage Capacity Loading A Cartridge Into Drive Using The Remote Management Unit Upgrading Drive Or Rmu Firmware Frequently Asked Questions Compact size – space-efficient unit packs up to 6.


Export Data Cartridge Configuring Network Parameters Installing Scalar 24 Hardware Trouble-free upgrade – plug-and-play installation of second drive, remote management, and SAN scalra. Front Adic scalar 24 Switch Initialize Scan Barcodes Partitioned Adic scalar 24 Bulk Unload Cancelling The Setup Wizard Set Scsi Id Display World Wide Name Opening The Front Door Connecting To A Scsi Bus Stop Sequential Backup Front Panel Components