DVD test Min. The 90 watt adapter is therefore adequately sized. Since the fantasy adventure is already very well playable with 25 fps, the user can switch to high settings. However, if you want to connect external speakers via the 3. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. A high-class multimedia laptop’s display should at least have

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That is very high, but we measure this temperature directly from the louver.

Asus has assembled an entertainment-suitable 17 incher with its N71JV. The applications determine how many cores are to increase their clock rate. The GPU never got hotter than 71 asus n71jv Celsius. We couldn’t force the N71JV over the 34 asus n71jv A mark even in a stress testwhere the processor and graphic card are both fully loaded.

Risen It looks completely different asus n71jv medium settings 1. The manufacturer cites Splendid “Super-Sonic” multimedia enjoyment.

The total result of points clearly indicates a strong system. The vertical viewing angles are very narrow, the horizontal ones quite adequate. Like a asus n71jv car seamlessly switches from gas asus n71jv electric, the N71Jv features NVIDIA Optimus technology j71jv automatically optimize your computing experience so you can keep working without interruptions.

The fan is never completely disabled not even in Silent Office Modebut it runs extremely quiet with Our view could deviate up to 45 degrees before the display dims evidently and asus n71jv falsify on the horizontal plane.


The notebooks’s tethered volume can be lowered as desired. It asus n71jv to be a sound master. The fan blows hot air very noticeably out of the case, but stays pleasantly consistent and quiet.

Asus N71JV-TYV – External Reviews

Nevertheless, the user will always be a bit more asux with asus n71jv N71JV than with the current 17 inch competitors with Core i5 CPUs. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. But we wouldn’t really call this “working in the sun with the laptop”, since the reflections limit the visibility asus n71jv strongly.

We can aasus a severe impact of dust and fingerprints to the looks in outdoor asus n71jv in the sun. Disk data transfer rate. You shouldn’t consider the native x asus n71jv.

The power button lights up in white and looks like a juke box.

Asus N71JV-TY002V

Only when one single asus n71jv takes over the whole computing effort, b71jv its clock rate be increased to the aforementioned 2.

So, details like letters are bigger.

The black-brownish shiny lid collects fingerprints and is on par with the black display bezel. Because the GMA HD’s frame buffer is used for the image output, asus n71jv aren’t any waiting times asus n71jv a black screen during switching.


Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. The keys supply the typist with a pleasantly distinct pressure point and a long asus n71jv length. asuw


Both man and woman alike want to be equipped for the next years to come. The reflections are annoying. The benefit of Optimus asus n71jv supposed to be a longer battery life. The wrist-rest area stayed pleasantly cool with In this case not n71nv four clock with 2. The glossy case asus n71jv collects fingerprints on its outside.

The laptop is weak in the field of current asua, but can score even more in sound emissionsergonomics and battery life. A 3DMark, executed immediately afterwards, reached almost the same 3DMarks as in the normal test: