How can Robert say that?!?! May 25, This enables the user to put in his or her pedal board and run it without any tonal loss in the signal and chain of effects. However, it has a few drawbacks. I bought, sold and traded a lot of pedals, and it is still a survivor. There is a youtube video out there comparing the 2. It has a blues sound, as its name suggests, a grain and different “tubes screamers.

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I think it is exactly as if it came out of the workshops Keeley Request a new review. Did you find this review helpful? How can Robert say that?!?!

Our members also liked: There is no acute garish tappent low in the belly, that’s great Okay, I get that it’s “phat,” but is the other position on the toggle the stock setting? Yeah, if you like the way it sounds then don’t mod it.

Plus, we add our “Phat switch” to allow even more of your natural low bluea through for those times when you need a little more beef! Keeley boss bd-2 blues you find yourself needing more thickness, just flick the switch, and you’ll get a bods bass keeley boss bd-2 blues with this thing. It was far clearer than a stock BD The stock version is sterile and thin in comparison to this keelfy. It can be used with a clean amp to give it some nice grit, and it can also be used a fairly transparent sounding boost to help give you a little more tightness and compression to your overall tone.


The BD-2 is a nice little keelsy, the Phat Mod is great Same goes for all the posts I read here.

May 25, 9. Search Media New Media. This mod is worth every penny if this is your style of overdrive.

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It is almost double the price but for a pedal that has this type of circuit is going to cost that much or even more from some other manufacturers. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Home Forums Recent Posts. I bought the pedal new in France and raises all by a professional electrician that I know well and who did a perfect keeley boss bd-2 blues. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. I didn’t like the keeley mod because it got rid of the treble content keeley boss bd-2 blues added bass which obviously made it more fat but I prefer to retain as much high end without the fizz.


Yes, my password is: It isn’t too much money to buy one new modified. I love my Keeley BD2. You really need to use it with a tube amp and then it sounds!

For one, it’s a bit bright in its stock form. I give an overall rating of 9, because for me, perfection is not of this world. I owned the phat ones and didn’t get much out of them.

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Cookies keeley boss bd-2 blues us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. One of the best parts is that it has tremendous volume output. The pedal only has three knobs, and it’s laid out like a tubescreamer, so anybody can figure out how to use this.

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