I bought the R5 Dual TP and love it. Crown has some paint loss on the back edge, and some light clear coat scuffs. Dec 29, Messages: The r5 Dual is available in two head types. I tested the r5 Dual Type N driver with a 9.

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Also when I get it right I am getting an extra 10 to 15 yards distance.

TaylorMade R5 Dual driver

The R5 dual type Dtaw is made in heaven. Travel Bags Shoe Bags. Apparently, it must taylor made r5 draw the TP, It has these heads that look like you need to put a wrench on to turn. Can’t believe how straight I keep it. In testing the club sounded great and went even better. Tqylor r5 features a cc clubhead to help increase MOI and minimize the penalty in hitting shots off-center. Taylor made r5 draw used TaylorMade’s all my life I thought this was another high handicapper driver, but I think everyone can use the new R5 Dual driver.

I bought the R5 Dual TP and love it. Log in or Sign up. It’s got a closed face and draw weighted.

Sraw every now and then a loss of concentration makes a fade. Media Reviews Golf World. If you mis-hit this club, it is very forgiving, still goes 30 yards further than taylor made r5 draw. Aug 13, Messages: My only complaint is that I am setting my tee very high for this club and it makes me a bit nervous.


I have also just had a weekend at golf school which has helped me loads, but my coach was amaized at the price I bought my driver for, even though it was second hand. It sounds good and the ball flight and distance performance was excellent.

A great taylor made r5 draw club. There is also an r5 Dual TP driver with moveable weights, but more on that later. I can hit other drivers lined up normally. This driver has endured the test of time. I think I may have to say goodbye to R5 and replace it maxe the G5.

INcluded in that yardage tahlor yards of roll after initial ball mark.

Taylor Made R5 Dual D Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

Anyway, you have a draw biased driver there, no ajustment available. The feel, ball flight and distance performance was excellent. They are just there for show and probably a taylor made r5 draw easier on production to make the Type N and D’s the same head with different weight afterwords.


It could be also, I forgot to say, it has a graphite shaft with medium stiffness. I had a tendancy to slice on my driver using an old Cobra, I am now keeping to the middle and getting extra distance with a draw.

TaylorMade r5 Dual 9. If you hit the ball straight or fight a hook, you may want to look at the r5 TP or the r7 instead of the r5 Dual N. I had the same question, in fact, that is how E5 found this forum.

TaylorMade R5 Dual N Drivers

They are big and bold in every way. TaylorMade Golf has mdae to the top of the driver marketplace over the last few years. I use a white pillar tee and that seems to do the trick. Leave a Reply Taylor made r5 draw reply Your email address will not be published.