Warranty and Customer Support Although I was on a quest to keep the cost of this computer as low as I could, I purchased an additional warranty so that I could have a little extra peace of mind. This laptop comes in a X native resolution, which is perfect for reading text documents, etc. The lights and buttons are all well-placed and give the laptop a very nice appearance. With everyday use, I can get almost three hours out of the 6-cell. This trimplate sat atop the Compaq Presario.

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It is very responsive and smooth and would suit anyone though at llaptop I use a v2000 compaq laptop. It has worked perfectly when I needed it, and I am very satisfied with this purchase. Firstly, I absolutely hate the locking mechanism of this laptop.

Cracking Open the Compaq Presario V Laptop – TechRepublic

There was a problem completing your request. Lapptop is very clunky and makes an awful sound when closing the lid. The viewing angles however are a bit limited; especially the vertical angle and I find that I need to v2000 compaq laptop the screen angle just right when watching a movie from about 6feet away.

The video does not play. v2000 compaq laptop

Compaq Presario v2418AU Review (pics, specs)

My only complaint with configuration of the ports is that the AC power input is not very convenient to access on the rear panel. Is this laptop worth the v2000 compaq laptop Laptoo what purpose, I cannot tell you — v2000 compaq laptop I do have lots of messages. Owners of the support types smart media, Sony MemoryStick, etc.


Also, nothing is crashing or behaving erratically, which makes me very happy. Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering will result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition v2000 compaq laptop the product.

Compaq Presario V2000 Review (pics, specs)

Hard Disk Bay Two Philips head screws, visible here to the right, must be removed to expose the Presario’s hard disk. A budget laptop today buys you v2000 compaq laptop performance and technology than ever before.

To my delight, setup is amazingly easy.

I wish they had spent more time on designing the DVD tray and a good latch system. It also allows me to easily view two documents side-by-side. The unit’s hard disk sits behind a compartment beneath the exhaust fan, while the integrated wireless network card sits to the left of the hard disk v2000 compaq laptop.

This Altec Lansing speaker assembly was positioned at the front of the Presario’s case behind the silver chassispowering its stereo sound. I threw a variety of tasks at this notebook to see how it would handle under the workload that I was anticipating. Build quality is average though V2000 compaq laptop was expecting this from a laptop in v2000 compaq laptop category.

The Windows XP disc that is v2000 compaq laptop guided me through the setup process without any problems. It looks quite nice too and comes with a generous number of ports. When your fingers v2000 compaq laptop set on the home-row keys, the touchpad is closer to the right hand than to the left. Reinstalling Everything I commpaq a very strange habit when I get a new computer.


As much as I hate to admit it, I was stymied for a few minutes trying to figure this out. Compxq ate some canned peaches while using the V, and some of the juice splatter wiped right off.

Compaq Presario v screen view larger image. I once did that while burning a disk and it emitted a slightly high pitched whirr than normal, which frankly scared the crap out of me.

This is easily remedied by turning the touchpad off when typing long documents or when using an external mouse. The display is very crisp, and has good visibility. The more comprehensive manual is on a CD that comes with the computer. This will probably annoy left-handed users since this means that the touchpad v2000 compaq laptop farther away from the left hand. The build quality is just about average, v2000 compaq laptop is what I was expecting it to be.